Dr. Lang

Douglas Lang received his Bachelor of Science degree in 1981 from the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy. He holds licensure as a pharmacist in Arkansas, Delaware Louisiana, and Nebraska. Mr. Lang started his pharmacy career at Saint Louis University Medical Center serving as a Staff Pharmacist and Assistant Director of Pharmacy. He then practiced in the area of Home Infusion Pharmacy for over fifteen years and was the Pharmacy Manager of the BJC Home Infusion Program. Currently, Mr. Lang is the Vice President of Pharmacy Compliance for Express Scripts Inc., based in St. Louis, Missouri. He provides compliance oversight to the company’s mail-order, specialty, fertility pharmacies and its specialty drug distribution operations. He is a member of the Saint Louis Society of Health System Pharmacists and Missouri Society of Health System Pharmacists. He is a member American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. He is a past recipient of the Saint Louis Society and Missouri Society Pharmacist of the Year Award and a past recipient of the Missouri Research and Education Foundations Thomas Garrison Award. He is a past member of the Missouri Board of Pharmacy serving from 2002 to 2007.