Use of Data

The Joint Oversight Task Force may provide data for statistical, research, or educational purposes. This information may be shared with both public and private entities after the removal of items that could be used to identify individual patients, prescribers, dispensers, or recipients of dispensations. 

Patient dispensation information shall not be provided to local, state, or federal law enforcement or prosecutorial officials, both in-state and out-of-state, or any regulatory board, professional or otherwise, for any purposes other than those set forth by HIPAA.

Dispensation information submitted to the PDMP will not be used by local, state, or federal authorities to prevent an individual from owning or obtaining a firearm. No dispensation information will be used as the basis for probable cause to obtain an arrest or search warrant as part of a criminal investigation.

Protected Health Information

Dispensation information and any individually identifiable patient information received by the PDMP is treated as protected health information under the federal Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The information shall only be accessed and utilized in accordance with the privacy and security provisions of HIPAA and the provisions of Section 195.600, RSMo. Dispensation information and any individually identifiable patient information is confidential and not subject to public disclosure under chapter 610, RSMo.